What / Why / How

Something personal about mass, velocity and time.

About sound matter and music evidence.

Sounds, voices and noises.

Rhythms, layers and narratives.

Genres, sources, mixing tecniques: it melts together an ever growing records collection and a sound research library. It’s a research around several – infinite – musical objects and production approaches, always focusing-and-confusing the balance between aesthetics, drama and syntaxes.

Music is space because space is made of sounds. No sound can be broken, silence is a sound too, there’s always rhythm.
This blog is a diary for sound travellers, a resource for music geographers. Playlist, reviews, texts, hints and resources will be updated both metodically and organically, structured and chaotically.

Listening is already a form of resistance. Peace to the listeners.

Listen To more musics.
Look For wide angles.
Open Up deep spirits.

Invoco il mio talento
che dentro la mia anima
si estende e scende
nel mio corpo,
non si arrende non si vende.


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