Tim Ballista – Thing Scape

“Music is a composition of sound”: it’s on music teaching book, about page 4. But it depends on which sounds we’re speaking of…
Reality sounds. Everyday, everywhere: everything sounds.
Music is an attitude, sounds are just the matter. The world of physical objects that surrounds us motionless, silent, indifferent, each object or material or physical event produces its own sound.

At the opening of the millennium Matthew Herbert’s Radio Boy experiment was focusing on everyday objects and their inner sounds, but with a different attitude and purpose: to manipulate sounds with music principles in order to reflect the unnatural, brutal and oppressive process of consumerism, exasperating its aesthetics of accumulation and sick soul.
It was named, properly, “The Mechanics Of Destruction”.
Tim Ballista built up 6 tracks inspired by the surrounding objects and materia, proceeding as a composer, with the aim to find music in the end. Balancing rhythms, effects, lyricism and open reflective spaces, accelerated and mechanical and with a great smooth flow, in a weird though natural way.
Fragments of things, fragments of sounds: spoons and piano notes, crashed small plastic cups and kick drums, basslines and voices as well as a plotter or an alarm clock mechanics… all sampled, played, structured and tilted through combinations and repetitions, cutting, switching and blasting with that typical breakcore neurotic and sometimes ecstatic pace.

Kaometry Records matches always closer to its principles and inspiration and with this short release from the Moscow producer is bringing you into the sound of atoms spinning and whirling in every thing you see, into the sound generated by the unpredictable incessant molecular recombination happening around all of us.

There is a secret life of things, and it is also made of sound. Tim Ballista has run into the scape of things and “found himself in a world of horror with no motion”.



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