Tim Ballista – Flux

Tim Ballista - Flux / Cover by Artem Rozanov

Contemporary electronic music has always tried and struggled to bring us the sound of the machines, the inner rhythms and overtones from the mechanical sphere.
It was, in a way, an expression and a commemoration of the rusty industrial era, a reflection upon our world and its visions for the future before digitalscape redefinition.
It was, as well, an epic and passionate imaginary: you have certainty when you represent the inescapable, you know that an error is a form of beauty and any repetition enforce its gramathic.
From Detroit to Sheffield that’s the way it worked.
But after have been exposed to ambient pioneers turning into glitch-prophets and techno addicted chain-workers who felt like the ultimate kings besetted from young and remorseless breakcore producers, we now wonder where is the story? What did they told us, which was the tale behind this?
Tim Ballista knows. Tim Ballista tries.
His debut full-length release “Flux” out these days in free download from danish label Illphabetik blasts and clashes sounds through softwares chains with angryness and power, breaking and twisting music, pointing straight at the core! and at the same time with an inexplicable sense of quietness and clarity: an impossible balance between antithetical dimensions, like moments of extreme lucidity when you’re in total panic…
The work of this young Moscow producer displays powerful sounds, an extreme variety of compositions and great technical skills. As a result his advanced breakcore, lyrical and harsh in the same time, is a truly invitation for open minds and ears.
If you were impressed but suspicious about sick-boys and snares-producers, Tim Ballista from Moscow will give you the chance to re-map the non-linearity of electronic music, entering new worlds and setting-up new strategies for the future.

Free Download:  Illphabetik

Artem Rozanov: opacity.ru



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