BFM 38 – 19 July 2010

No session tonight, not the usually absence of talks.

We’re slowly going down to the end of this season, it’s too hot, it’s nice to stay in touch all the time, introducing tracks and just having some quiet and simple fades beetween one song and another.
No summary as well.
Here is the tracklist.

DenteLe Cose Che Contano – 4Xmp3, Jestrai, ITA, 2008
Various – The Red Bird Story – 4xCD, Charly Records, UK, 1991
LiarsThe Oter Side Of Mr. Heart Attack – 7″, Mute Records, UK , 2006
m2Global Pigeon – CD, Danza Cosmica, ITA, 2009
Teiji Furuhashi / Dumb Type1985-1994 – CD, Foil Records, JP, 1996
No.9 –Good Morning  >  from > Various – My Private Space – CD, P*dis, JP, 2010
Maurizio Bianchi / Maor AppelbaumMene Teqel Farsin – CD, Silentes, ITA, 2009
David  AxelrodSongs Of Experience – LP Reissue, Capitol, US, 2000
Blake/e/e/eBorder Radio – LP, Unhip Records, ITA, 2008
Tracey ThornOh, The Divorces! – 7″, Strange Feeling, UK, 2010
CCCandyLonesome Berlin – LP, Avant!, ITA, 2010
Shadow HuntazDark Matter – CD, Porter Records, US, 2009
DrainOff Speed And In There – 12″, Trance Syndicate, US, 1996
The Feeling Of LoveOK Judge Revival – LP, Kill Shaman, US, 2010

Discogs list



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