BFM 34 – 21 June 2010

Hello everybody, BeirutFM is back.
Sorry for missing last week’s show but things were spinning too fast to be on air.
To be honest things were so tumultuous even to think of a session and music itself.
Still with some difficulties, but ready again.
Hope we all are desirous as always.

/ S t a r t /
Black DogFurther Vexations – 3×12″, Soma Quality Recordings, UK, 2009
Rowland S HowardPop Crimes – CD, Liberation Music, AU, 2009
HTRKMarry Me Tonight – CD, Blast First Petite, UK, 2009
MuslimgauzeHunting Out With An Aerial Eye – 12″, Limited Editions, UK, 1984

/// S e s s i o n ///
Trionacria – The Mystic Revelation – CD, Curva Minore, Etnagigante, ITA, 1999
Takeo ToyamaEtudes – CD, Karaoke Kalk, DE, 2009
The Hafler TrioNegentropy – LP, Ash International/Anckarström, UK/SWE, 1994
CoilMusic To Play In The Dark  Vol. I – CD, Chalice, UK, 1999
Eric CopelandHermaphrodite – CD, Paw Tracks, US, 2007
Dublo / Albano – Subject To Breakage – 12″, Commo Records, BE, 2003
Les TrollsKetsu No Ana Kara Yubi Tsukkonde Okuba Gatagata Iwase Taroka – Book + 2xCD, Trolls Sound, FR, 2008
Asa Chang & JunrayTsu Gi Ne Pu – CD, Leaf Label, UK, 2003
Teiji Furuhashi / Dumb Type1985-1994 – CD, Foil Records, JP, 1996
Ulrich TroyerRose De Shiraz – CD, Deluxe Records, US, 2003

//// S u m m a r y / O u t ////
AutechreChiastic Slide – CD, Warp Records, UK, 1997

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