BFM 15 – 25 January 2010 – DJ Spooky’s Rhythm Science

Years ago, while on vacation in Barcelona, I went to the CCCB Museum.
By visiting the bookshop I encountered a (signed!) copy of “Rhythm Science” by Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid.
This amazing book, which I would give for free in every school as in every club, has such a companion as the included CD “Rhythm Science: Excerpts And Allegories From The Sub Rosa Archives“, realised and published in 2004 thanks to the precious archive of Belgian label Sub Rosa, and the unvaluable assistance of Guy-Marc Hinant.

While the book it’s a true manifesto on the contemporary sampled culture, a fluid reasoning on art, science, language, globalisation, freedom, tastes and forms of expression, the mixed CD represent one of the infinite pattern in the global flow, an excerpt of excerpts (“Rules are an exception to the exceptions” said Jarry…).
It’s cool, it catches your ears and brain,it makes you move and accelerate your thoughts.

Beside many different musics and genres featured in the tracklist, we also find a lot of voices and talks, from Antonin Artaud to Gertrude Stein, Vladimir Maïakowski and William Burroughs who so strongly perceived and synthesized the whole thing when he said “Language is a virus“.
Let’s get infected by this modern world, the only important things is to keep freedom and independence in putting pieces together.

A true artist, a passionate DJ, a brave thinker, they all act this way.
Let’s spread the disease.

Tonight we dedicate the entire show to this musical object.
Peace to the listener.



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