Francisco Lopez – Workshop in Palermo

During the !xem Festival – 6th edition a workshop and an installation by sound artist Francisco Lopez, here is the call.

Francisco Lopez

Francisco Lopez in Palermo, Sicily, 18-20 December 2009
Workshop and installation: The real world as source for sonic creation.

The workshop is focused on the historical, sociological and philosophical (rather than technical) aspects of different practices that have the “real world” as a source, or an inspiration, for sonic creation. From ancestral manifestations of music derived from nature to the present massive sonic exploration of our world, analyzing the historical attempts at recording sonic reality and creatively transform it, from musical notation to digital technology. With a multitude of sonic examples, from traditional to electronic music, the workshop aims at stirring up discussion and at challenging many stereotypical and misleading conceptions about recorded sound in many diverse areas and objects of study, from bioacoustics to experimental music, from phonographs to hard disk recorders, from birds to cosmic radio emissions.

Live immersive performance
Trilogy of the Americas
The live immersive performance is in the dark, using a large multi-channel surround sound system with blindfolds provided for the audience. This sound experience –more a journey through sound than a normal concert- has been created with original environmental sound recordings done by the author in the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica, in large buildings in New York City and in the vast expanses of Patagonia, over a period of ten years, consituting his “Trilogy of the Americas”.


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